Free Web Tools #EdublogsClub Prompt 5

I can’t think of any super-duper creative free web tools that I currently use (and certainly not one that someone else hasn’t so eloquently written about!), so here is one I’m really sad  is no longer available.

A site that I used when I was working towards my masters about 15 years ago was Yahoo’s GeoCities.  It was a free webhosting service that was super easy to use. Part of my senior project was putting together a website to help our district teachers better understand the Professional Development Committee and how to earn their PDC points. My website wasn’t huge, but it probably had about 15-20 pages. I worked on it a lot to make sure all of the links worked. I hate broken links!! Yahoo shut the entire GeoCities site down in 2009. Yahoo gave us plenty of time to move our websites. Wikipedia has some information about GeoCities if you want to know anything else:!_GeoCities

2 thoughts on “Free Web Tools #EdublogsClub Prompt 5

  1. Hi Chelli, it is possible the website you created has been indexed by the Wayback machine in the Internet Archive. If you remember the URL you can enter it into the Wayback machine to check –

    I’ve done this with my wikis. I had numerous wikispaces wikis which were taken offline when they changed policy. Enough of my wikis have been indexed for me to grab the information I needed.


    • Hey Sue!! I’ve actually looked and I can’t find any of my webpages. I do have hard copies of all of the pages just for me!The district takes care of maintaining the webpages now, so it’s not a big deal. The district uses Gabbart Communications for our website now. It’s not too difficult to use to maintain our individual teacher pages. That’s so fortunate you’ve been able to find your wikis!!

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